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Welcome to COFCO International South Africa

Important notice:

From 1 March 2024, COFCO International South Africa (Pty) Ltd will move to our new office in Stellenbosch:

Block D, Ground Floor Section 8 & 9
Capital Place
15-21 Neutron Street

A global agri-business

With over 11 thousand employees in 37 countries, COFCO International is an agribusiness platform of COFCO Corporation one of the largest agricultural and food companies in China, with global operations.

The company is accelerating its growth to create an agricultural supply chain of excellence, anchored in China and competitive on a global scale.

Our investors

COFCO International is part of COFCO Fortune, the core agriculture and food business unit of COFCO Group, the world’s largest agri-business by asset value. 

Other COFCO Fortune shareholders alongside COFCO Group, as its controlling majority shareholder, include Hopu investment Management, Temasek, Affirma Capital, National Council for Social Security Fund, COSCO Shipping, China Chengton, China Life, China Public-Private Partnerships Fund, and China Investment Corporation.

These relationships give COFCO International a significant base to leverage. Thanks to our relationship with COFCO Group, we have unrivalled access to the growing Chinese market, at a time when demand for agricultural commodities continues to soar.

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Key figures

revenue globally
tonnes in turnover
employees in 37 countries

What we do in South Africa

COFCO International South Africa connects farmers and food and feed manufacturers through our integrated supply chain.

Our expert team of farming field managers, farm origination agents, researchers, traders and logistics specialists work together to ensure consistent delivery of quality product. COFCO International’s global presence in 37 countries together with local on-the-ground farm knowledge and insights help us to serve our farmers and producer customers with greater insight.

Our soy crushing operation based in Standerton, which employs 120 people, is the largest crush facility in South Africa, providing COFCO International with a unique view of the South African oilseeds market.

COFCO International South Africa is a member of Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA) and South African Cereals and Oilseeds Trade Association (SACOTA).


COFCO International's farming operation has grown from a single farm pilot project in 2009 to encompass 52 farms in 2022. COFCO International's farm contractors together represent the single biggest crop production unit in South Africa, accounting for 15% of the company’s origination in the country.

Our team of specialised field agents work with farmers to reduce costs and boost production efficiencies. Thanks to the close relationship, the farmers gain and the company gains. We combine the best of both worlds - our expertise and the unique skills of the farmer.

We apply this model on farms throughout the provinces of Mpumalanga, North West and Free State covering a total area of over 70,000 hectares producing maize, soybeans, sunflower and occasionally cotton and wheat.

Soy processing

COFCO International's soy crushing plant in Standerton processes soy from both COFCO's partner farms and third parties to produce oil and soy meal for animal feed. With more than 120 employees, it is the biggest soy crushing facility in South Africa, and furthermore has effectively doubled the processing volume over the past 3 years.


COFCO International is headquartered in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.

Our team of 70 people are responsible for trading, risk management, technology expertise and managing the company's depots across the country. Our research team analyses and predicts crop production, while the trading and merchandising team balances the domestic market with import and exports, depending on global and local market and weather conditions.

Close connections with the country's farming communities through our network of farms, depots and soy processing facility, together with an expert team of traders and analysts, as well as access to local and global markets is what makes COFCO International a very strong player in South Africa.

COFCO International is one of the biggest exporters of the country's maize to international markets with destinations in South East Asia and the Middle East.


Our experience in supply chain management is crucial in the efficient planning, transportation, and process (contracts) management of agricultural products to ensure that the commodities are delivered at a competitive price across South Africa and over borders. The effective flow of product is maintained thanks to the integration of our specialist farming team, origination agents, storage facilities, trading desk and logistics teams located across South Africa. Strong relationships with farmers, customers, storage facilities and transporters ensure that we have the information required to make decisions that enable delivery of quality product, on time and at a competitive cost.

Procurement and Supplier Development

Be part of our supplier network. COFCO International welcomes innovative and best-in-class suppliers in a wide range of products. 

Find out more and get in touch with us.

  • Prospective suppliers or service providers will only be onboarded once successful in RFQ/Tender process that was evaluated commercially (Price and BBBEE) and technically. 

    Technical vetting differs from process to process as determined by scope, prospective suppliers must score a minimum of 70%.


    Main Technical Criteria and Relative Weight (%)

    1. Quality control/quality assurance systems (20%)                              
    2. Adequacy of technical supervision (19%)
    3. Availability of equipment (18%)
    4. Method statement and Proposed schedule (16%)
    5. Experience of key personnel (15%)
    6. Percentage subcontracted work (12%)
  • There are no ongoing tenders


Join us and be part of the answer

As our population grows, so does demand for food, making the question of how we sustainably feed so many people far more urgent.

Longing to be part of something bigger? Would you like to work on some of the world’s most pressing issues? Consider COFCO International. We supply grains, oilseeds, sugar, coffee, and cotton to help feed and clothe the world’s rapidly growing population. Our supply and value chains include purchase, storage, processing, transport, and delivery to more than 50 countries. We take pride in managing this complex and challenging mission in a sustainable way. Born in China, we are still a very young company, but we are growing fast.

Visit our Global Careers page

See local vacancies

Career Fairs

COFCO International in South Africa is proud to be a member of the South African Graduate Employers Association (SAGEA) and we regularly participate in their annual Virtual Career events. Identifying and mentoring people to ensure a strong succession of talent in our business is critical. With organisations like SAGEA we are able to network with, and attract top graduates in South Africa.

Visit the virtual grad expo fair page

See here an overview of upcoming fairs where our recruitment teams will be happy to provide information about current and future career opportunities across our locations:

  • IT Career Fair, Stellenbosch, 31 August 2023
  • HSE ZA, Johannesburg, 12 November 2023

Commercial Graduate Programme

COFCO International’s commercial graduate programme brings a new generation of talent into and up through the organisation to meet tomorrow’s demand. The programme will enable participants to build and develop their skills in a structured way creating a pool of culturally fluent, geographically mobile and motivated employees who are excited about being part of the future of COFCO International.

• Gain valuable insights on how we operate as an integrated global agricultural supply chain company
• Join a global community of likeminded graduates
• Build your career as you learn from a series of role rotations, exposure to leaders and global learning events

Global Commercial Graduate Programme

Sustainability - Meeting Tomorrow's Demand

Meeting Tomorrow’s Demand by making agricultural products available to everyone on the planet, every day, means doing business in a responsible and sustainable way.

This is because wherever we go, we are committed to creating a positive, sustainable and long-lasting difference for all our stakeholders – from our people to our shareholders, farmers, customers, communities and countries in which we operate.

Our sustainability strategy is based on these five objectives:

Strategic Objectives

Upholding standards

Upholding standards

Create value and balance stakeholder interests by good corporate governance, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and ensuring the quality and safety of our products.

Taking care of our people

Taking care of our people

Recognise people as the driving force behind our business by respecting their (human and labour) rights, providing a safe and healthy work environment, and offering employees opportunities to develop their potential and excel.

Managing our environmental impact

Managing our environmental impact

Mitigate the environmental impact of our operations by monitoring and optimising our resource efficiency, applying responsible agricultural (production) practices and minimising waste generation.

Connecting supply & demand responsibly

Connecting supply & demand responsibly

Manage our supply chains in an efficient, responsible and sustainable way by mitigating possible environmental and social risks – including biodiversity and deforestation – sharing best practices and achieving partnerships, and by reducing impact on natural resources and increasing agricultural productivity through (agricultural) innovation.

Building strong communities

Building strong communities

The success of our operations depends on the strength of communities that surround us. Education, land rights, wellbeing and depopulation of communities are all issues that directly affect our business. To this end, we support sustainable livelihoods and community programmes wherever we are.

Community Projects Highlights

Buhle Farmers Academy

Since 2020, COFCO International in South Africa has provided support in the form of financial donations to Buhle Farmers Academy, which is based in Mpumalanga, an important grain producing region in South Africa. The Academy is a non-profit organisation that trains, mentors and supports new small-scale farmers. The learning and support that the new farmers receive at the academy’s facility in Delmas is further shared within the farmers’ home farming communities and in this way the whole communities learn about farming and livestock production and management. 

Nourish Eco Village

In 2021, we helped Nourish Eco Village to build a moringa processing shed and to install a hydroponics water system in the village. Nourish grows the moringa crop from seedlings, then dries and grinds the leaves into powder which is used to make teas and beauty products. Their focus is on growing and processing more indigenous crops in the future. The hydroponics system produces fruit and vegetables for their community feeding scheme. The Village was started as a platform to connect communities and conservation. Their situation on the border of the Kruger National Park enables them to work with local communities to find solutions to poverty, low levels of education and food insecurity and thus reduce wildlife crime.  

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